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Posted: July 30th, 2013

As Told By Daniela Ramirez

A collaboration between the Poseiden Foundation, Skate Baja, A. C. and Sk8Ens, Hang out & Skate (Patina y Cotorrea) consisted of 2 events in Ensenada, México, during July, organized to inspire the youth.


4th of July, Punta Banda III Skatepark
Amelia Brodka and Matthew Condon, as Poseiden Foundation ambassadors, visited Ensenada for a skate-filled day at the Punta Banda skatepark where they gave away 50 decks, 40 pairs of wheels and 30 pairs of trucks, all used and in good-shape product donated by many at the Clairemont YMCA skatepark. The day started early, Skate Baja and Poseiden crew arriving before 11 am at the skatepark where already skaters were expecting us. A pleasant skate session entailed quickly followed by product give away to all the skaters as well as some parents who happened to be passing by. Some lucky skaters got a complete skateboard put together by Amelia who was happy to hook up the kids with less-worn product than what they were riding.



Amelia Brodka is the first female pro-skateboarder to skate the Punta Banda skatepark and was well received, playing games of skate with some of the youngest skaters. It is safe to say that Matt Condon had a great time as well.



We left the skatepark to hit other spots not before enjoying fresh seafood by the sea. The day ended with everyone happy skating a mini-ramp and saying farewell right before sunset.