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Posted: April 8th, 2016

This year, with the help of Ladies Day at The Berrics,  and the skateboarding community of Ecuador we raised money to help Techo por Ecuador. With the money raised we were able to help 3 post-construction housing units. This included restoring the foundation, removing rotting wood and flooring. Where all items where replaced with new wood, and flooring.

As a team, Poseiden Foundation’s founder Micaela Ramirez, and Poseiden’s Skatebenefico Athletes: Amelia Brodka and  Vanessa Torres, with Skateboarding Ecuatoriano’s Founder: Andres Chong Qui and the Ott Family: Justin, Ollie, Syd and Maddox, worked side-by-side with Techo Techo por Ecuador’s Fundraising Director, Aurelie Morgante and her team of volunteers, to dig, tear-out and restore a post-construction home. By working together with Techo, this gave our team enormous insight to all the dedication and organization that goes into helping the families that are most in need through Ecuador. Please check out www.Techo.org to learn more about their movement.

During the Skatebenefico Tour: Ecuador we teamed-up with Canon Point Galapagos and held various surf and skate clinics and best trick and hippy-jump  competitions. We helped out with their environmental impact initiative by participating in beach clean-ups, and learning about the fragile ecosystem that is located in San Cristbol, Galapagos.

We at Poseiden Foundation would like to thank all those who continue to follow their passions and dreams. Thank you to all the youth who participated. You are our future and we are excited to see what beautiful changes you’ll bring to your community, environment and community!

A Special Thank You to Skateboarding Ecuatoriano (SBEC) founder, Andres Chong Qui for his dedication in helping Poseiden Foundation throughout the years. We at Poseiden are honored to work with organizations that inspire youth through skateboarding.

A Big Thank you to Memo Teran and the Alcaldia de Babahoyo for their generous donation towards TECHO and their skate scholarships for the Skate Jam!! Thank you to the Mayor of Babahoyo for coming out and supporting.

Thank you to the Ott Family, for your inspiration, loving support and motivation in making Skatebenefico: Ecuador a reality.

Thank you to the Living Free Foundation for your generous support and endearing  friendship.

Thank you Hacienda Tranquila for allowing us to participate and interact with your youth during their Horse and Art Therapy sessions.

Thank you to all the athletes, photographers and videographers on tour: Vanessa Torres, Amelia Brodka, Maya Porter, Mecu Videla, Greko Mejia, Nancy Chavez Convenas, Marcelo Andres, Andres Chong Qui, Carlos Xavier Quimi Paladines, Juana Sotomayor.

Thank You to our Company Supporters:

Diamond Supply Co., Remind Insoles, Sunset Skateboards,Dwindle Distribution, Girlisnota4letterword, PS Stix, Surfboard Broker, DLXSF Distribution, Elemental Awareness, Anti-Hero, Etnies, Emerica, Altamont, Avianca Airlines, Go Pro Ecuador, and Strange People, One More Wave, Radical Magazine, Kind Bars, Sentir Skateboards.

Thanks to everyone’s hard-work and dedication to the youth of Ecuador the Skatebenefico Tour was a great success!!