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Posted: May 21st, 2013


As this international movement gains more momentum with each passing year we were very excited and proud to be a part of Go Skateboarding Day in Mexico. The organizing and execution of the event was a success and we are pleased with a modest turn-out of approximately one thousand skaters! Here is a brief snapshot of what events took place:
• Approximately 20 Game of S.K.A.T.E’s going on, Go Skateboarding Day at he Consti Plaza.
• An impactful interview with a skater on how they started skateboarding, and how skating has positively changed their life.
• Poseiden founder Macaela Ramirez was one of the main speakers and spoke to the public about keeping our planet clean and free from litter. She also drew attention to the importance of cooperation with those within the skate and surf lifestyle. She pointed to how the ocean used by surfers, and the land used by skaters creates a unique bond and that we both need to work together in harmonizing with the earth’s environment by growing respect, appreciation, and love for our planet.