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Posted: February 18th, 2014

Camino Verde Skate Demo 2014
Tijuana, Mexico
Written by: Alisha Nicole Betcke

There was a special feeling in the air today at the first ever skateboarding event at Camino Verde Skate Park in Tijuana, Mexico. A collection of passionate, community centered and skate affiliated organizations filled the streets with a memorable day of skateboarding, music, and youthful resonance.
Together- Vivamos la Calle, a local organization focused on celebrating the life and culture of Tijuana; Skate Baja, a statewide non-profit organization advocating the sport of skateboarding and the building of local skate parks; and Poseiden Foundation, an international non-profit organization whom encourages youth to pursue their passions and dreams through extreme sports- saw more than 100 youth and locals come together to show off their style and to support their community.
The afternoon kicked off with local sponsors such as Carlos Luelmo with Siniestro Skate Shop and Acaf Souverville with Crap Crew setting up tents for shade and providing free refreshments for the athletes at the park. The skate jam quickly filled up with a colorful and talented display of tricks ranging from athletes such as Alex Rios, 13 years old, to professional athletes like Vanessa Torres, pro women’s skater from the United States, who came to encourage the youth and help judge the Best Trick contest later in the afternoon.
The Camino Verde Skate Park was filled with skateboarders, families, and local vendors as the volunteer DJ’s played music throughout the day while the talented athletes showed onlookers not only their amazing talents, but also their overall love for the sport and appreciation for the skate park in their own backyard.
Professional interviews from Skate Baja and Poseiden Foundation gave locals like Jairo Jimenez Martinez, 19 years old, the opportunity to tell an international audience what the sport has done for him and the future that he expects to see with skateboarding as his vehicle.
Thanks to a long list of generous sponsors including Black Box Distributions, Element, Etnies, Hoopla, Pro Tech, and Meow Skateboards, a Best Trick contest rounded up the afternoon with the winners walking away with brand new skateboards, wheels, clothing, and tons of other gear. Francisco Javier Dario Salazar walked away with the title of Best Trick for his 360 Flip.
An extra special thanks goes out to Daniela Ramirez with the Skate Baja crew, Micaela Ramirez with Poseiden Foundation, and Julio Rodriguez with Entijuanarte for promoting and organizing the epic event today.