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Skate and surf clinics, contests and tours are also organized by Poseiden to reach youth within their own communities. Though we are more extreme sports oriented we are now outreaching to other activites within the North County area such as: partenering up with envirnmental clubs to teach the youth about becoming aware of thier surrounding and how they too effect our eco-systems with everything they do.

Posted: December 17th, 2016

An International Collaboration

Medellin, Colombia
Poseiden Foundation| December 1-4, 2016

Our second contest was held at Viga skatepark on December 4th. Viga is one of the many government funded projects headed by Corporacion EVG Extremo which offers a drug, alcohol, and smoke free environment for skaters to enjoy. The competition was fierce as the girls skated for best trick in both the Open and Novice divisions. Huge congratulations to Ana Rendon for taking 1st in Open and Lizeth Melissa Paez Pinto, in Novice. Other prizes were awarded for the quarter pipe, longest manual, and highest ollie over stacked boards. True to Poseiden Foundation style, the crowd went wild for our giveaways where girls and boys went home with Nikita Clothing pins, new skate parts, shirts, shoes, and enough stickers to spread across Colombia! We look forward to following these talented humans and hopefully seeing them fulfill their dreams of competing in the USA!

Posted: December 16th, 2016

An International Collaboration

Medellin, Colombia

Poseiden Foundation| December 1-4, 2016

Poseiden Foundation is passionate about treating the environment kindly and we strive to educate, motivate, and participate in environmental conservation activities. On December 4th we continued our ongoing collaboration with Techo, an international, nonprofit organization that mobilizes youth volunteers to fight extreme poverty in Latin America by building transitional housing and implementing social programs. Techo por Colombia partnered with the entire Humanitarian Tour team to help build a community garden in the Nueva Jerusalen barrio which will grow enough fruits and vegetables to feed over fifty families! The local children spent the day learning about photography with filmer Mecu Videla while the families explained their immense gratitude for this opportunity of providing food for their loved ones.

Posted: December 14th, 2016

An International Collaboration

Medellin, Colombia
Poseiden Foundation| December 1-4, 2016


The first contest kicked off December 3rd at the 4Sur skate park where over sixty women showed up to compete in the Open and Novice divisions. While the prize packages were wildly impressive and everyone came to win- it was the overwhelming sense of unity, support, and friendship that was truly worth showing up for. The community, skaters, and the future generation of riders were stoked with all the giveaways and watching the talent each of these ladies showcased throughout their best runs. Placing in the Open division were: 1st Jazmin Alvarez, 2nd Anna Maria Falla Toro, 3rd Ana Rendon and in the Novice division were: 1st Viviana Quintero, 2nd Alejandra Ospina, 3rd Lizeth Melissa Paez Pinto. We love the pure joy Viviana showed on her face when she won 1st and her new Active Ride Shop deck! Also, we couldn’t be happier for the three ladies who won these terrific Triple 8 NYC helmets: Juliana Vargas, Manuela Molina, and Juliana Gomez!

Posted: December 13th, 2016

An International Collaboration

Medellin, Colombia
Poseiden Foundation| December 1-4, 2016

One of the proudest moments of the tour was the December 2nd Inauguration Ceremony at the Concejo de Medellin (City Hall) where EVG Extremo, Skategirl Colombia, and Poseiden Foundation were recognized as leaders in the history-making, female skateboarding movement! Emotions ran high as the Skategirl ladies presented on the importance of healthy habits, the history of skateboarding, and our very own team leaders: Micalea Ramirez, Amelia Brodka, and Paco Manzanares delivered powerful speeches on the importance of believing in yourself to a room full of supporters.  With backing from the government and the determination of these athletes, Colombia is on track to take the industry by storm!

Posted: December 7th, 2016

An International Collaboration

Medellin, Colombia
Poseiden Foundation| December 1-4, 2016


Creating peace and unity through community-wide volunteerism is a key aspect of all Poseiden Foundation Humanitarian Tours. With the generosity and support of our dedicated sponsors, we had the opportunity to partner with A Color- Pinta el Pesebre Medellin, a project based organization that beautifies low-income neighborhoods increasing both the visual curb appeal as well as the pride of the people. It touched our hearts to paint alongside the children, families, and co-creator of Skategirl Colombia, Daniela Gonzalez. This transformation of homes, nearly an entire city block long, will create a lasting image of peace, hope, and pride for Medellin.

Posted: December 3rd, 2016

An International Collaboration

Medellin, Colombia
Poseiden Foundation| December 1-4, 2016

Our tour kicked off December 1st at the Club Rotario Envigado where we met with an inspiring group of young high school leaders who volunteer their time educating and mentoring their neighborhoods on the importance of grades, graduation, teamwork, and unity. Along with Paco Manzanares of Amor al Skateboarding, our videographer Yvonne Navas, and co-founder of EVG Extremo, Sebastian Montoya, we taught the group techniques to face and overcome their fears as well as the fundamentals of skateboarding. All of the students, as well as some of the teachers, were thrilled to skate for the first time and will definitely keep practicing at one of the community built skate parks.

Posted: December 1st, 2016

An International Collaboration

Medellin, Colombia
Written by: Alisha Betcke for Poseiden Foundation| December 1-4, 2016

The Poseiden Foundation’s mission is to encourage our youth to follow their dreams and realize their greatest aspirations in life, whatever they may be. This year’s 4th Annual Humanitarian Tour brought the team to Medellin, Colombia for an international collaboration with Corporacion EVG Extremo and Skategirl Colombia, two organizations who aim to empower the female skateboarding movement throughout the entire country. Thanks to all of the sponsors of the 8th Annual Ladies Day at the Berrics and the generosity of private donors, we were able to spark a fire in the female skateboarding community that has only just begun!

Posted: November 21st, 2016

8th Annual Ladies Day at the Berrics

Alisha Betcke for Poseiden Foundation, November 20, 2016



Photo Credit thanks to Don Sheffler


There was certainly no shortage of magic, madness, or mayhem at the 8th Annual Ladies Day at the Berrics which went down in history Saturday, November 12th  2016. Once again, Poseiden Foundation paired up with Steve Berra and The Berrics dream team to offer the best Ladies Day event to date with a huge turnout of sponsors, pros, supporters and skaters from all ages who all came out to ride, empower one another, and of course- compete in the three “Best Trick” contests for over $7,000 in cash and prizes!


Photo Credit thanks to Don Sheffler


Each year, since the first Ladies Day at the Berrics in 2009, Poseiden Foundation and the growing list of amazing sponsors continue to collaborate and dedicate valuable resources making Ladies Day one of the most highly anticipated girls skate events of the year- as well as being the final comp in the 2016 “Dream Series”.

The 8th Annual Ladies Day took things to a whole new level with a 14 and under open session before the contest, a Refer-A-Friend promotion, and they even had a piñata donated by the Ramirez Family that was smashed up by girls of all ages using of course, their skateboards. The magic was in the air as one of our favorite girls, Anacleta Rendon, met her long time idol Leticia Bufoni. There were heaps of moments like this as our groms got to cruise with the pros. Passing on the love of skating from generation to generation is one of the most rewarding goals of the Poseiden Foundation.


Photo Credit thanks to Reendawg_


With all the warm, gushy stuff captured- the contests for best trick on the Manny Pad, 5 Stair, ad 7 Stair brought out all the cameras! Huge thanks to the best sponsors ever: Active, Nikita Clothing, Skullcandy, The Berrics, Surfboard Broker, BioMed Supplies, Dwindle, Etnies, Sunset Skateboards, Boneslovemilk, AceTrucks, Lesli Cohen, Cantarini Tractor and so many more, for donating mad cash and a ridiculous amount of product towards the prize purses.

It was a tough competition this year with more and more top skaters coming out to rip at the Berricks and take home that oversized $3,000 check. With a front 360 on the 7 stair, the top prize was won by Mariah Duran who kept the crowd going all day.


Photo Credit thanks to Don Sheffler


The 5 stair definitely didn’t disappoint either, with Amanda Castillo taking the class with her varial flip and walked away with $2,500 worth of prime gear and clothing from our sponsors.


Photo Credit thanks to Don Sheffler


Winning the Manny Pad contest with a kickflip up to front 50, back 180 off was Emma Houle. She won a huge product package over $2,000 and has enough skate clothes to shred for the next year!


Photo Credit thanks to Don Sheffler


As if skating with the homies, getting free gear, and hanging with industry superstars wasn’t enough, Poseiden Foundation shared the love with several charities both locally in Los Angeles, as well as globally. Everyone who came out donated canned food and skateboarding equipment. It was an insane success with 100% of the donations going to LA Girls Skate Sesh who plan to ride to local homeless areas personally delivering the canned food as well as sharing the skate gear to local kids wanting to get their chance at the sport. Poseiden Foundation founder, Micaela Ramirez shared, “It warms my heart beyond words to see so many people who love this sport also feel passionately about helping others in need. It’s remarkable how much of a difference this group of people made for LA homeless”.


Photo Credit thanks to Chris Hooten Photo, Skater: Jennifer Soto


The stoke doesn’t stop here in Cali…Poseiden Foundation is gearing up for their Humanitarian Outreach Tour in Columbia where they with partner with Techo of Latin America to skate con gusto, share their love and empowerment of all youth through skating, and build several homes for rural communities in need. All thanks to everyone who came to support Poseiden Foundation and Ladies Day at the Berrics.


Photo Credit thanks to Chris Hooten Photo, Skater: Mecu Sentir


With skateboarding joining the Olympics, there is truly no saying how far skateboarding will go, or how many lives the sport will impact along the way- how many youth will pick up a skateboard and make it their lives. One thing is for sure, Poseiden Foundation, Ladies Day at the Berrics, and the Dream Series 2017 will be there changing lives!


Still want more? Check us out on Insta to see more about Ladies Day and follow Poseiden Foundation in Columbia!


Photo Credit thanks to Don Sheffler









Posted: October 10th, 2016


Be sure to come out and show your Spooktacular Holloween Spirit!
Remember to RSVP: Christiana@girlsriders.org

For all the Ladies that have been thinking about competing at
PF’s xBerrics Ladies Day, November 12th, 2016
This is a great way to spend your Sunday, and get your practice on!
Best Trick Obstacles: 
13-Under: Manny Pad
Open Class: 5-Stair
Pro Class: 7-Stair
And for Kicks…Hippie Jump…All Ages…

Winner of Hippie Jump, It’s A Secret…Shhh..

Posted: October 10th, 2016




Poseiden Foundation’s Ladies Day at The Berrics RSVP Link:
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