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Posted: June 25th, 2013

It was a glorious morning and it was the end of the tour for Mexico City. Ari our videographer for this tour and Adrenaline Extreme Host, had set-up a meet n’ greet at a local orphanage. The orphanage we visited, was an all girl school and provides living quarters for 22 girls. Poseiden threw a Pizza Party for the orphanage purchasing Pizza’s that had an explosion of flavors. The girls were able to enjoy pineapple with corn and ham pizza, sausage with jalapenos and spinach pizza, vegetarian and many foreign combinations while drinking a variety of juices such as: mango, grape, strawberry, guava, pineapple, pear, peach and many others. The girls then went into their classroom where they wrote Living Free Foundation thank you cards. They also wrote a note on what their Ultimate Dream would be. Many of the girls stated they would like to become professionals in the medical field. Many of the girls placed in this orphanage had lost their parents due to illnesses, and in turn want to help other families so more children do not end up in orphanages due to incurable diseases. It was such a wonderful experience to have meet, played and interacted with these young women, they have inspired Poseiden Foundation by learning that though situations may arise at such young ages, it did not stop them from wanting to learn and educate themselves to someday be able to serve other citizens in their communities.