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Posted: December 14th, 2016

An International Collaboration

Medellin, Colombia
Poseiden Foundation| December 1-4, 2016


The first contest kicked off December 3rd at the 4Sur skate park where over sixty women showed up to compete in the Open and Novice divisions. While the prize packages were wildly impressive and everyone came to win- it was the overwhelming sense of unity, support, and friendship that was truly worth showing up for. The community, skaters, and the future generation of riders were stoked with all the giveaways and watching the talent each of these ladies showcased throughout their best runs. Placing in the Open division were: 1st Jazmin Alvarez, 2nd Anna Maria Falla Toro, 3rd Ana Rendon and in the Novice division were: 1st Viviana Quintero, 2nd Alejandra Ospina, 3rd Lizeth Melissa Paez Pinto. We love the pure joy Viviana showed on her face when she won 1st and her new Active Ride Shop deck! Also, we couldn’t be happier for the three ladies who won these terrific Triple 8 NYC helmets: Juliana Vargas, Manuela Molina, and Juliana Gomez!