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Skate and surf clinics, contests and tours are also organized by Poseiden to reach youth within their own communities. Though we are more extreme sports oriented we are now outreaching to other activites within the North County area such as: partenering up with envirnmental clubs to teach the youth about becoming aware of thier surrounding and how they too effect our eco-systems with everything they do.

Posted: January 20th, 2015

The annual Vans Girls Combi Classic is one of the most anticipated, and thrilling contests in the women’s skateboarding scene. Each January, girls and women from around the globe come to the Vans Skatepark in Orange County California to compete for a chance at the $12,000 prize purse.
This year, the youngest competitor (14) in the women’s pro division, took first place! 
Congrats Alana Smith! Check the coverage and full results below!


JANUARY 17, 2015
1. Alana Smith $4,000
2. Lizzie Armanto $2,000
3. Allysha Bergado $1,000
4. Julz Lynn $900
5. Arianna Carmona $700
6. Nicole Hause $500
7. Kisa Nakamura $400
8. Amelia Brodka $250
9. Sarah Thompson $150
10. Beverly Flood $100
11. Hunter Long
12. Pauline Branom
13. Izy Mutu
14. Jean Rusen
15. Julie Westfall

1. Poppy Starr Olsen  $500
2. Jordyn Barratt $300
3. Autumn Tust $200
4. Hannah Chumley
5. Paige LaBare
6. Nicole Noller
7. Summer Vereecke
8. Alisha Stevens
9. Juliet James
10. Cassie Oseguera
11. Cansas Burns
12. Emma Storm

1. Brighton Zeuner $500
2. Spencer Breaux $300
3. Minna Stess $200
4. Bryce Wettstein
5. Bella Kenworthy
6. Michelle Yoon
7. Tarryn Ross
8. Zoe Safanda
9. Halle Gonzales
10. Jordan Beal

– MoniqueTheBeat

Posted: January 11th, 2015


On a sunny Southern California day in the middle of winter, thousands of representatives, creative directors, CEO’s, marketing managers, athletes, enthusiasts, skaters and surfers alike came together to share with one another what they’ve got and find out what it is that they want.

The Agenda Trade Show: Long Beach 2015 ____ inspiration from the inside out.

Tolerance, celebration, gratitude, unification…. Can you feel it?! Our global community is rising! Even as you read these words, like minded people are connecting; core values are being addressed and solutions implemented. A few role models in this time of innovation whom I met at Agenda, have agreed to tap us into their mind-frame and mechanisms that have successfully empowered them to actively co-create the infrastructure and content of our emerging culture.

Store front, event producer, skateboarding sponsor, community resource, OCEAN GROWN of Marina, CA find it their upmost honor to encourage and promote “positive change and unity in the community.”  Merging genres and bridging potential gaps, Henry Perez, owner, takes passionate individuals under his wing who have a willingness to stay focused and utilize the tremendous support available to each one of us. Perez suggests remembering that “the majority of the world is impoverished- yet people still rise against the odds through dedication, love, and sacrifice.”

An ethic of loyalty, hard work and honesty are corner stones upon which Shannon Hayward continues the legacy of athletic footwear brand, Etonics, established 1876. To continue expanding from such a well established foundation, president Hayward offers great inspiration of developing one’s ideas and concepts with effective presentation and unique follow through.


Damon Thorley, with his presence and poise, reminds us that we are powerful beyond measure. In response to my inquiry of his own first hand experience in the industry, he tells us that everyone involved with the Deluxe Distribution company “is extremely passionate about skateboarding and care a lot about where it goes in the future.” Thorley continues, “We truly believe that skateboarders can change the world and we will always try to support any skater (skate shop and skate community worldwide) affecting positive change around them.”

Recognizing the widespread collective momentum of authentically pursuing a passion and being a positive force for change, Thorley emphasizes the benefit in immersing oneself completely in the activities and culture relative to one’s passion, in order to succeed. “Stepping out of your comfort zone is one of the hardest things to do in any area…. yet depending on the passion or activity there is always a social group, club, or retailer that supports it, and by getting involved and jumping in 100%, you can learn a lot as well as boost your confidence by being a part of a tight knit group of like minded people.”


As we listen to and explore our own calling, and develop our dreams with patience and persistence, relaxing into the fact that we are a part of a global uprise and we are connected to a supportive network, can lesson the burden of feeling outside of social norms or perhaps too far behind the pros to even start. Let us remind one another that people are putting their words into action all over the world, and people (like us) exist. Even as we take different names and brand companies independent of one another… We are together in a greater goal. We are taking back our power and taking control of our future.

Like the humble and empowering truth that fashion outfitters Creative Recreation was founded on “if you follow your passion, you’ll never work a day in your life.”

We can find inspiration everywhere, especially within the action sport industry. What a testimony to the human spirit, alive and well and working together! Thank you so much to all of the persons and the depth of responses to my e-mails which made this article possible!

We can all reach out to whom we admire. . . and be available for others! ☯

– Maya Eve Porter


Posted: January 1st, 2015


Over the last 6 years, Poseiden Foundation’s Ladies Day at the Berrics has witnessed a few female skateboarders come out and pave the way, to many females– from 2-years of age to 60 years and older. On December 20, 2014, Poseiden Foundation gathered for their “6th Annual Ladies Day” with an astounding 70+ females of all ages in attendance, making history with this event at The Berrics. This year females RSVP’ed and brought a canned food item to give to the homeless. Over 80 cans of food were collected and we were able to hand them out directly to the homeless in downtown Los Angeles.

Each of the females that have shown up this year to skate The Berrics are all a part of creating a legacy and platform for many female skaters around the world. For anyone who may perceive that “nothing is really happening here” with the ladies in the skateboarding industry, Poseiden Foundation has helped to create the conditions to allow these gems to shine! Poseiden loves to break barriers by teaming up with skate organizations, companies, and media that contribute to expanding skateboarding to all youth and showing the growing outreach of skaters of all ages. With the help of Legend Skateboarder and Poseiden Foundation’s Board of Director Jen O’Brien, connecting with friends Steve Berra and Salman Agah, we were able to work with The Berrics and become the first foundation to open their doors to female skateboarders in 2009. This has helped bring Poseiden Foundation’s Vision come to fruition, which is to “Empower individuals to accomplish their dreams!” Although our mission of having primarily females skate The Berrics seemed at first far-fetched, the people involved here are leading by example, and have shown that it is possible to pursue passion and be recognized for talent.  

In addition to the professional photographers that Poseiden Foundation brought to document the historical event : Lorrie Palmos, Fellipe Francisco, David Safanda, and Don Sheffler, The Berrics film crew documented the event and have the film edit here. The filmer was so impressed by the talent and numbers of females attending the event, he invited them back the next day to film more clips! Thanks, Jake Legér! With determination, anticipation, and perseverance  the females are shredding and leaving an enduring spirit of respect. Skate con Gusto!

– Maya Eve Porter

Posted: December 9th, 2014

Ladies Day at The Berrics

Renowned indoor skate park opens its doors to Poseiden Foundation for the 6th year in a row to host ALL LADIES skate event and canned food drive December 20, 2014. We are honored to extend the invitation of this space to all ladies! Come experience your dreams coming true! The Berrics media will have full coverage of the event and professional riders will be there to help you hone in your skills! With more and more ladies showing up every year with skateboards, Lexi of Maryland, 16, commented last year, “I’m skating history.”

If you would like to attend Poseiden Foundation’s Ladies Day @The Berrics Please: BRING A CANNED FOOD ITEM and RSVP by Filling out the RSVP: http://goo.gl/forms/6xKbW4LN5u

*All Ladies that want to skate Ladies Day must have the RSVP Form filled for entry, once form is filled please email: Monique@poseiden.org for further instructions.


Poseiden Foundation


Posted: December 6th, 2014


The 7th annual Girl’s Empowerment Conference held December 2014 was a great success! Inspired individuals from the Oceanside, California area were brought together to support the budding junior high and high school students. Poseiden Foundation provided motivational discussion sessions with Amelia Brodka and Maya Eve. They engaged the young women with strategies for living successfully and encouragement to maintain their commitment to becoming leaders in their communities via music, technology, mentorship, etc!

Posted: November 29th, 2014

Rosarito Board Giveaway

Skate Competition in Rosarito, Mexico brings talented youth together with professional sponsors. A collaboration with 2nd Sk8, Skate Baja A.C. and Poseiden Foundation, the November 29th event at Skatepark de la Sharp gave participants the opportunity to demonstrate their skateboarding skills. With beginner, amateur, and professional categories, all skaters were able to showcase their talent. No entry fee. Generous prizes. Sponsors included Imjuver Rosarito, Turismo de Baja California, Sobreruedas, Natural Skateboards, Puerta29, Panik Skateboards, and Street Wear Shop

– Maya Eve Porter

Posted: November 18th, 2014
Thanksgiving Food Drive 2014.02

Alisha Betcke registering volunteers to go around the Marina and collect food for the North County Food Bank.


We are proud to highlight a community leader this week! Alisha Betcke is an individual who donates her time and oversees constructive action in her community. Alisha recently organized a food drive at the docks of Lake San Marcos Marina, and collected over 500lbs of food for the homeless this season. The food was donated to North County’s Food Bank. Alisha Betcke has worked with Poseiden Foundation and inspires through various endeavors of altruistic service. Alisha is a great example of the joy that is returned tenfold when you give it away to others.


Posted: November 10th, 2014

Achieving Dreams with Mecu.06

Paula “Mecu” Videla from Buenos Aires, Argentina worked for three years to save money to come to the United States. She wanted to ride alongside American female skaters– develop her skills and learn more about the culture. Mecu achieved this goal last month here in Southern California. She was able to participate in the Exposure skate contest, place 2nd in vert and meet some of her role models, such as Cara-Beth Burnside and Mimi Knoop. With the help of Poseiden Foundation and the Ott family, she was also able to volunteer teaching skateboarding at La Casita, interact with young children and encourage them to follow their dreams. Recently she defined another dream of her own, to make it back to the United States in 2015 to participate in the Vans Combi Pool Women’s Invitational. Luckily, she already received her invitation! Congratulations, Mecu, we believe in you!


Posted: November 8th, 2014


Created to bring exposure and opportunity to women in our society, Exposure: A Women’s Skateboarding Event provided a platform for girls to show us what they’ve got! They showed up to ride and compete in bowl and vert, they showed up and inspired one another. Lizzie Armanto from Santa Monica, California ended up as a top finisher in the Pro division. Check out her skills online! Stay updated with the riders and be amazed by their courage and commitment. Proceeds of this event went to women survivors of domestic violence. Poseiden Foundation collaborated with Amelia Brodka and the Exposure team to support this event at the YMCA skatepark in Encinitas. Learn more about EXPOSURE and help their cause! www.exposureskate.org

2014-11-08 15.25.28


Posted: September 30th, 2014

Syd Ott, is a nine-year-old girl that began her journey to giving back to communities in Costa Rica and Mexico. She believes that every kid deserves a chance to experience new things. She gave her parents the inspiration to host Poseiden Foundation, so she could accomplish her dream in hosting the first skate clinic and competition in Nosara, Costa Rica and do a shoe drop to orphanages in San Jose. Below is her story, with pictures and lives she touched through dedication to being an altruistic kid, paving the ways for others to follow in her footsteps.

Thank you Syd.


My Adventures! By: Syd the Kid :)

Skate Con Gusto #1

Skate Con Gusto was so much fun! It was so great to see so many kids out skateboarding. I wanted to go to Nosara because they just built a new skatepark called Eskina.  The owner put so much hard work to bring the community of Nosara a skatepark, but a lot of the kids do not have skateboards or shoes. I wanted them to experience it and find a new passion to follow. We gave out knee pads and elbow pads which gave the kids more confidence to try skateboarding.  We also gave out t-shirts, hats, shoes, and much more. There was so many smiles and they all did amazing. I was happy we could help them and maybe we have opened up a new dream for them.

Skate con gusto #2
We drove 1 1/2 hours to Perez Zeledon, when we got there I skated at a local skatepark. After skating we drove a couple minutes to the orphanage. We gave out food and drinks to the kids.  We also played games and did rainbow loom with the kids. We handed out shoes, T-shirts, stickers and left skateboards with the lady in charge of the orphanage.  I felt like we were making the kids really, really happy. I also feel so thankful I have a family that takes care of me. They told us that this was one of the best days the kids have had and that fills my heart with joy!

Skate con gusto #3
My family and I gave out presents to the kids in a very poor village in Costa Rica called La Imaculada.  We gave out stickers, cars, mini skateboards, candy, shirts, and shoes. A lot of the kids roam the street alone and were so happy when we stopped to talk to them and give them presents. We gave out so many presents to the kids that we ran out. The kids were very thankful. I was very happy that we could help.

Skate con gusto #4
We went to a new public skatepark that had just opened. It’s called Epicentro Por La  Paz De Garabito. It’s run by a group of individuals that care about the children in their communities. It was a perfect opportunity to donate skateboards and pads to the organization for the kids to use. We also gave out shoes, t-shirts, and lots of stickers to the kids. They where all very very happy.  I hope the things we donated will help inspire more kids to skateboard.

Thank you Poseiden Foundation, for making my dream come true! Your very special