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Skate and surf clinics, contests and tours are also organized by Poseiden to reach youth within their own communities. Though we are more extreme sports oriented we are now outreaching to other activites within the North County area such as: partenering up with envirnmental clubs to teach the youth about becoming aware of thier surrounding and how they too effect our eco-systems with everything they do.

Posted: September 30th, 2014

Syd Ott, is a nine-year-old girl that began her journey to giving back to communities in Costa Rica and Mexico. She believes that every kid deserves a chance to experience new things. She gave her parents the inspiration to host Poseiden Foundation, so she could accomplish her dream in hosting the first skate clinic and competition in Nosara, Costa Rica and do a shoe drop to orphanages in San Jose. Below is her story, with pictures and lives she touched through dedication to being an altruistic kid, paving the ways for others to follow in her footsteps.

Thank you Syd.


My Adventures! By: Syd the Kid :)

Skate Con Gusto #1

Skate Con Gusto was so much fun! It was so great to see so many kids out skateboarding. I wanted to go to Nosara because they just built a new skatepark called Eskina.  The owner put so much hard work to bring the community of Nosara a skatepark, but a lot of the kids do not have skateboards or shoes. I wanted them to experience it and find a new passion to follow. We gave out knee pads and elbow pads which gave the kids more confidence to try skateboarding.  We also gave out t-shirts, hats, shoes, and much more. There was so many smiles and they all did amazing. I was happy we could help them and maybe we have opened up a new dream for them.

Skate con gusto #2
We drove 1 1/2 hours to Perez Zeledon, when we got there I skated at a local skatepark. After skating we drove a couple minutes to the orphanage. We gave out food and drinks to the kids.  We also played games and did rainbow loom with the kids. We handed out shoes, T-shirts, stickers and left skateboards with the lady in charge of the orphanage.  I felt like we were making the kids really, really happy. I also feel so thankful I have a family that takes care of me. They told us that this was one of the best days the kids have had and that fills my heart with joy!

Skate con gusto #3
My family and I gave out presents to the kids in a very poor village in Costa Rica called La Imaculada.  We gave out stickers, cars, mini skateboards, candy, shirts, and shoes. A lot of the kids roam the street alone and were so happy when we stopped to talk to them and give them presents. We gave out so many presents to the kids that we ran out. The kids were very thankful. I was very happy that we could help.

Skate con gusto #4
We went to a new public skatepark that had just opened. It’s called Epicentro Por La  Paz De Garabito. It’s run by a group of individuals that care about the children in their communities. It was a perfect opportunity to donate skateboards and pads to the organization for the kids to use. We also gave out shoes, t-shirts, and lots of stickers to the kids. They where all very very happy.  I hope the things we donated will help inspire more kids to skateboard.

Thank you Poseiden Foundation, for making my dream come true! Your very special

Posted: August 31st, 2014

Written By: Maya Eve


Inspiration on and off the skateboard leads one who has benefited from the sport with a desire to give back. This month, a team of such individuals celebrates the impact of this altruistic mission. Coming together and fulfilling their dreams, a Skate Con Gusto! team brings the energy and empowerment of skateboarding to Costa Rican communities.

For a week in early July, personal intentions met with collective momentum to bring about rich community experiences.  Kaleb Stevens witnesses his vision of opening La Eskina skate park in Nosara, Costa Rica come to life. His intention to gather community and encourage the youth to thrive aligns with nine year-old Syd Ott when she visits Nosara with her family from southern California. Syd takes this vision to the next level by consulting her skateboarding mentor Amelia Brodka on how to bring skateboarding professionals and skate clinics to Eskina skate park. Amelia is the founder of Exposure Skate- a benefit to raise awareness and prevention to domestic violence through women skateboarders- and often uses her passion for skateboarding as a means of initiating a larger conversation. Knowing that Poseiden Foundation collaborates to make these events happen and specializes in working with the youth of Latin America, Amelia brings Micaela Ramirez and the Poseiden Foundation on board as an essential part of creating a week of empowering exchanges in western Costa Rica.

IMG_6630 IMG_6652

IMG_6610 IMG_8013

Partnering with local and international associations, the team brought a positive force to the communities of Eskina skate park, Pura Vida skatepark de Perez Zeledon, Cacori half-way house for children in between abandonment and orphanage, and the Del Mar Academy grades pre-K through seven. Motivational speeches were facilitated to inspire the development of dreams and perseverance, no matter how hard things get. Skateboarding demonstrations were given by Alec Beck of Los Angeles, California, Miguel Castro of Heredia, Costa Rica and Maddox Ott, Syd’s younger brother age 5, while Syd, Amelia, Micaela and Briana Winters- an amateur skater from Carlsbad, California- got several kids up on skateboards who had never been riding before, along with many who had never even seen a skateboard before!

IMG_8122 IMG_8054


The Skate Con Gusto! day at Eskina skate park was hosted by the restaurant on-site, YUM!, and the woman who invested to made Kaleb’s dream a reality, Erin Feathers. Equipped with great food, great DJ’s and non-stop interactions of love and support, this day started the week off right. Both Poseiden Foundation and Exposure Skate were able to bring support from the skate industry via sponsors such as Powell and Mini-Logo skateboards, Vox, Etnies, Emerica, and Fallen. Costa Rican dream believers at Howling Monkeys also donated their time and company product, thanks to Marina Zawisa, 3Killa and 1Kiwi who linked them with the Poseiden Foundation. Safari Surf School contributed to this effort as well, extending their support and belief that everyone can accomplish their dreams while caring for the environment. From the network that has been created between all of these empowering contributors, kids throughout the week were able to ride the parks with completes, and receive a new shirt, pair of shoes, hat, or sticker- which was a big deal for many of these boys and girls wearing shoes 2 sizes too big and hand me down clothes from siblings.

IMG_8100   IMG_8067 IMG_8018

Skateboarding often strengthens community and the intention set for this tour highlights the available resources for a community and the tangible reality that every dream- even our biggest ones- can be fulfilled. Micaela Ramirez affirms that “together we accomplish anything; we develop confidence, overcome fears, and bring into the world what would otherwise be unimaginable.” The Poseiden Foundation intends to follow-up and maintain contact with La Eskina and Pura Vida skate parks in Costa Rica and support the dreams of all involved. With established connections to skate communities in various parts of Latin America, Poseiden envisions itself bridging the distance and providing opportunities for riders to have inter-exchanges. For example, with groups such as Skateboarding Ecuatoriano and Parque la Carolina of Quito and Guayaquil, Ecuador, Re-Skate of Mexico City, Mexico, Skater Girl Chile and Girls Assault of Buenos Aires and Mar de Plata, Argentina. As it goes for this current event in Costa Rica and all those around the world to come, the team agrees that it’s all about believing in one another and contributing to a positive community.

Thank you YUM! LA Esquina, Powell, Mini-Logo and Zero skateboards, Vox, Etnies, Emerica, and Fallen shoes, Howling Monkeys, Marina Zawisa, 3Killa and 1Kiwi, Safari Surf School and Los Amigos clothing and Bearings. A Special Thank You to all who came out and donated their time to making this dream come true for Syd Ott and family. Together, we can make a difference and create a ripple effect of communal love through skateboarding.

photo 3   IMG_8147 IMG_8134  IMG_8055   IMG_8115   IMG_8176

Posted: June 28th, 2014


Skate Con Gusto- Skate with meaning- Share the Love.

Skate Con Gusto- Skate with meaning- Share the Love.


Poseiden Foundation would like to personally invite you to experience our journey to Nosara, Costa Rica through our Social Media sites June 30th through the month of July, 2014.

Together with the help of the Ott family, Poseiden Foundation and Exposure skate, we have created a Skate Con Gusto tour that will be taking place in costa Rica.

During the tour, we will be visiting schools/community centers and stoking the youth of Nosara with new skate equipment, lessons, Best Trick contest and most importantly the love that a community shares when they unite together through skateboarding.

The athletes participating on tour are:

Miguel Castro: Costa Rica
Amelia Brodka: USA/Poland
Alec Beck: USA
Syd Ott: USA

and other surprise special guest…

We have attached the “Skate Con Gusto Costa Rica” flyer for you to share with your friends, family and social media networks.

PLEASE follow our journey on Instagram, Facebook and the Poseiden Foundation website to learn about the culture, environment and skate life of Costa Rican Youth.


I would also like to personally thank Miguel Castro for being a leader for the Costa Rican youth, and thank him for his help. Be on the look out for Skate Con Gusto’s tour video, produced and edited by Miguel himself.


Posted: June 1st, 2014

Last year Poseiden Foundation teamed up with Gould Academy and coordinated a skate day at The Berrics. Read some of the comments last years students shared about their dream coming true.

I’m skating history- Lexi,16, Maryland.
It’s a youtube fantasy come true. Louie, 18, Paris.
Is this what Heaven looks like? David,15, ME
I’ve literally dreamed of this day and it is so surreal to see it happen-Brook, 17, ME
This is such a fun experience. Thank you Berrics-Tristan, 12,Santa Monica.
This is a once in a life time experience. Stephen,15,Texas.
This is where dreams become reality-Eli,18,ME

Posted: May 20th, 2014

The Poseiden Foundation uses a simple but powerful phrase, “We believe in you!” to connect with the youth and remind them that they have the talent and the support to follow their dreams, always. Follow Poseiden Foundation’s Oahu “Share the Love and Empowerment” journey and be part of our global youth outreach and Mission in empowering the youth to pursue their passions and accomplish their dreams. This years Oahu video showcases how Poseiden Foundation Oahu Tour athletes and Island professionals reach out and share their own inspirational stories of how they perused their own passions and dreams.

Poseiden Foundation Team for Oahu:
Elissa Steamer, professional skateboarder and winner of the women’s X-Games Street, Cara-Beth Burnside, professional skateboarder and snowboarder, winner of X-Games Vert and Snowboard Olympian Athlete. Marina Zawisza, videographer and surfer from Venezuela, Oahu local, Morgan Cowper whom is successfully starting her photo journalism career, and Angela Rabreau, who successfully owns her own business in Hawaii and the main land.


Posted: March 15th, 2014

3rd Annual Poseiden Foundation Share the Love and
Empowerment Oahu Tour 2014
Written By: Alisha Nicole Betcke

Poseiden_Oahu_ 02

“AMAZING” was the definitely the most popular word used to describe the all-day skateboarding event with the Poseiden Foundation celebrating the dreams and learning about the inspiring stories of the Kids Hurt Too family in Honolulu. Kids Hurt Too, a non-profit organization founded by Hiro Ito 15 years ago, has a mission to see every child from all backgrounds and situations in life, realize a dream they want to accomplish. Ito, originally from Japan, faced many hardships including living in an orphanage and the death of his mother. But he never gave up. He used his dream of becoming a professional baseball player to eventually move to Hawaii, become a surfer, and impact the lives of many local families in Honolulu. Most of the youth in the Kids Hurt Too family are affected by issues such as adoption, foster care, loss of a parent, and single parents who want a safe place for their children to express themselves.
The event was organized by the California based non-profit, the Poseiden Foundation, and it’s tireless group of professional athletes, journalists, and volunteers who share the mission of founder Micaela Ramirez, to encourage the youth to aspire towards their dreams, whatever they are, to always live with love in their hearts, and to remember that they have the ability to achieve “AMAZING” things! The Poseiden Foundation impacts hundreds of youth internationally by collaborating with professional athletes in skateboarding and surfing to share their personal dreams and accomplishments in the industry to encourage the youth to pursue their passions.
The group on this year’s 3rd annual Share the Love and Empowerment Oahu Tour, the Poseiden Foundation joined forced with some of the most legendary and influential skaters in women’s history, Elissa Steamer and Cara-Beth Burnside. Both women have competed and won championships at the X-Games while paving the way for women in skateboarding to follow their passions and do what they love. Burnside also competed in the Women’s Olympics for snowboarding. Marina Zawisza, videographer and surfer from Venezuela, also joined the team to document the tour’s events and to attend the screening of her movie 3 Killas and a Kiwi, which will be screening March 10, 2014 at the Women’s Pipeline Pro Opening Ceremony. Photo Journalist, local from the North Shore, and tour guide extraordinaire, Morgan Cowper joins the crew this year to help capture the most priceless moments of the youth realizing they have people who believe in them and want them to succeed and achieve great things.
One of the first “AMAZING” things happened right in the living room of generous sponsor, Angela Rabreau’s North Shore home, as over 45 product bags were stuffed with Vans shirts, hats, and Hoopla Skateboards stickers for the youth at Kids Hurt Too. The bags were given out at the A’Ala Skate Park in Honolulu as a wave of product and smiles spread out over the skate park. The kids and their families were overjoyed to sport their new gear, especially since so many of them had become better skateboarders with the help of Steamer, Burnside, Ramirez, and tons of helpful adults who all helped make sure pads were in place and helmets were buckled back at the Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Kukui Center before heading out to the skate park.
The kids learned how to go up and down ramps, try new tricks, and some like Kaissa, learned to ride for the first time with Ramirez helping her with her stance and encouraging her to keep trying!
Davi, an energetic young ripper from Brazil, who’s four other siblings have also apart of the organization since their father passed away in a big wave surfing accident, told us that Bob Burnquist is his favorite skater and that he inspires him to skate big ramps.
Gabriel, six years old, has only been skateboarding for a few months and his favorite part of the day was when Elissa Steamer helped him try his favorite trick, an Ollie. Possibly one of the coolest dressed young skaters was seven year old Christian who proudly rocked his dinosaur helmet and raced all over the park and the parking lot with Cara-Beth Burnside. He told us he wants to keep skateboarding so he can show the kids in his class big rails and tricks! “AMAZING!”
As everyone walked back to the Kukui Center for some shave ice and Sunchips while sharing the best parts of the event, there was a welcomed rainbow and talk from parents, kids, athletes, and volunteers about how “AMAZING” the dream of skateboarding is and how spectacular sharing the dream with the next generation is! Simply and “AMAZING” event.

A special MAHALO to our “AMAZING” Sponsors Vans, Black Box, Etnies, Element Eden, Satori Movement, Hoopla Skateboards, 187 Killer Pads, Psylo Graphics, Landyachtz Skateboards, Fallen, Zero, Mystery, Angela Rabreau, Discount Hawaii Car Rental, and to all of the tireless volunteers and supports of the Poseiden Foundation. You help us keep the dream alive and to continue to impact the youth through positive actions and the love of skateboarding.
Please check out and support the non-profit foundation Kids Hurt too by visiting their website www.grievingyouth.org and by liking their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/kidshurttoo
*If you would like to support our mission to continue inspiring all youth to live their dreams and believe in themselves please DONATE NOW, Mahalo!!

Posted: February 27th, 2014

3rd Oahu Tour
Thank you Evie Bee for Poseiden Foundation 3rd Annual Share the Love and Empowerment Oahu Tour 2014 Timeline and Poster.

Poseiden Foundation believes that each individual child, and adolescent has his or her own spectrum of abilities. Regardless of their socio-economic background, we as a community foster love and support. Poseiden Foundation teaches the youth that through perseverance, they can conquer any goal they choose to achieve.

This year Poseiden Foundation will be touring with female street skater and Gnarhunters owner, Elissa Steamer, Snowboard Olympian, Vert Skater and Hoopla Skateboards Co-Founder, Cara-Beth and Videographer, Documentary Producer of “3Killas and 1Kiwi” and Professional Surfer, Marina Zawisza.

During the Oahu tour, Poseiden foundation, will be speaking with youth at a Non-Profit called Kids Hurt Too. This particular organization works with youth that are suffering from grievance from a parents passing away, their being incarcerated, etc. Our next community stop will be at Wailua Elementary School, where we will spark a “We Believe in You” and “We can Accomplish Our Dreams” campaign. Our mission is to motivate the youth that through perseverance they can accomplish their goal and dreams.

Poseiden Foundation will be challenging our communities to look beyond their horizons, and become, “The Believer of Dreams.” We are asking the youth to create short-term goals and accomplish each goal before the end of 2014. Together we can move mountains, shape rivers and create a momentous positive change for our future.

We will be having “Meet n’ Greets” at local skate parks, where tour athletes will be interacting with the youth by either giving skate tips, Best Trick competitions, Game of S.K.A.T.E’s, and answering questions they may have about pursuing their dreams. One-on-one interaction is huge, and impacts the lives of children. During the tour, our mission will be to impact as many youth possible. Share dreams and goals, and lastly, create milestones that create ripple effects within the Hawaiian community.

Poseiden Foundation is also very honored to be part of the Pipeline Women’s Pro. Thanks to Betty Depolito, she has continued the traditional for many inspiring females and helping so many of them accomplish their dreams, through the world of surfing.
Pipeline Women's Pro 2014-Flier

Posted: February 21st, 2014

By A. Selva Ari
Yoga Academy Trainer

Today the 14th of February, I had the opportunity to attend the fundraiser event hosted by Poseiden Foundation at Oceanside. I had never attended to a fundraiser before and the fact that my friend was asking for me to come, made me decide to drive 50 miles south to support her cause. When there is a good cause people gather to help, and when people set their hearts for this cause they multiply. I am glad that I drove and become a part of the event. It was during night in a lovely garden setting of the Hillstreet Café in Oceanside which has the frame of a vintage house. The pond, elevated stage, painted skateboards showcased for individuals to bid, dream box, good food, and alive music, all added to the welcoming smiles of the ones who set their hearts for the purpose. Normally, who cares what the brands are on the ruffle table for this is a fundraiser, right? You can clearly see, Poseiden foundation does. The items on the table were exciting and great. People were all happy One of the professional skate boarders was so excited to bid on a gift basket worth of $250.and get it for just $50. On top of the colorful night, you can see that the Founder and volunteers of the Poseiden Foundation is pouring their hearts for the meaningful and valuable cause. It was lovely to see the ones being touched by the works of the Poseiden Foundation being right there as well. Founder Micaela hugged each of them one by one and honored them with a certificate of remembrance. Among the speakers one of them was a young gentleman. He told that, after a gun shooting in Oceanside, he was the only survivor among his friends. He mentioned that he had been shot all through his body but he survived and there should be a reason for him surviving. He wants to be the greatest Lawyer of our time. Poseiden Foundation inspires the young population to make their dreams come true. An encouragement, a smiling face, a refuge of safe activity, creativity and being able to show who you are through the moves, freedom, and joy. All of these things can change a young ones life, can transform it. A sincere smile, speaking with the same language, is what it takes to transform the young community. Glad to meet you guys and for many more days to come.

Posted: February 20th, 2014

Ramp Building and games of SKATE
Written by: Alisha Betcke

Over 25 people came together today with their skateboards in one hand and a hammer in the other at the Unidad Deportiva in Rosarito, Mexico to build two new ramps for their skatepark.

Micaela Ramirez with San Diego based Poseiden Foundation and Daniela Ramirez of Skate Baja Crew organized the event along with host and lead builder, Oscar Soto. Soto is the owner of local Rosarito skate company Tragedy Skateboards.

The money used to buy materials for the two ramps came from a generous donation from Southern California University of Health Sciences.

Several youth including Edgar Rios, Jorge Mantano, Abraham Rodriguez and Daniel Llanos made the trip from neighboring Tijuana to help build and compete for prizes in the three games of S.K.A.T.E. on the rail, box, and flat land. They were also at the event the previous day at the Calle Verde Skate Park in Tijuana.

Armando Venegas, 20, from Tijuana won prizes from sponsors Element and Fallen for being that last skater standing on both the rail and flat land games of S.K.A.T.E. while Raul Tamayo, 18, from Tijuana took home product from Gravity Skateboards and Etnies after winning the box game.

The best part of the day’s event however, was watching the new ramp and box being tested out for the first time….a definite success for the skaters and the organizers of the event who continue to build the culture of skateboarding internationally while also constantly I spring the youth to always aspire towards their dreams!

A special thanks goes out to Rueben Torres with Skate Baja Crew for his continued hard work throughout both events as well as Carlos Ramirez, 15, and Alexis Pulito, 12, both from Rosarito for helping with several functions throughout the day.

Posted: February 18th, 2014

Camino Verde Skate Demo 2014
Tijuana, Mexico
Written by: Alisha Nicole Betcke

There was a special feeling in the air today at the first ever skateboarding event at Camino Verde Skate Park in Tijuana, Mexico. A collection of passionate, community centered and skate affiliated organizations filled the streets with a memorable day of skateboarding, music, and youthful resonance.
Together- Vivamos la Calle, a local organization focused on celebrating the life and culture of Tijuana; Skate Baja, a statewide non-profit organization advocating the sport of skateboarding and the building of local skate parks; and Poseiden Foundation, an international non-profit organization whom encourages youth to pursue their passions and dreams through extreme sports- saw more than 100 youth and locals come together to show off their style and to support their community.
The afternoon kicked off with local sponsors such as Carlos Luelmo with Siniestro Skate Shop and Acaf Souverville with Crap Crew setting up tents for shade and providing free refreshments for the athletes at the park. The skate jam quickly filled up with a colorful and talented display of tricks ranging from athletes such as Alex Rios, 13 years old, to professional athletes like Vanessa Torres, pro women’s skater from the United States, who came to encourage the youth and help judge the Best Trick contest later in the afternoon.
The Camino Verde Skate Park was filled with skateboarders, families, and local vendors as the volunteer DJ’s played music throughout the day while the talented athletes showed onlookers not only their amazing talents, but also their overall love for the sport and appreciation for the skate park in their own backyard.
Professional interviews from Skate Baja and Poseiden Foundation gave locals like Jairo Jimenez Martinez, 19 years old, the opportunity to tell an international audience what the sport has done for him and the future that he expects to see with skateboarding as his vehicle.
Thanks to a long list of generous sponsors including Black Box Distributions, Element, Etnies, Hoopla, Pro Tech, and Meow Skateboards, a Best Trick contest rounded up the afternoon with the winners walking away with brand new skateboards, wheels, clothing, and tons of other gear. Francisco Javier Dario Salazar walked away with the title of Best Trick for his 360 Flip.
An extra special thanks goes out to Daniela Ramirez with the Skate Baja crew, Micaela Ramirez with Poseiden Foundation, and Julio Rodriguez with Entijuanarte for promoting and organizing the epic event today.